Wild'n Wise

Sonia Ratto

Meet Wild'n Wise women and men who embrace who they are, and live a radically authentic life. They decided to defy the conventions, overcome life obstacles and challenges, pursued their passions, follow their vision, reinvented themselves in order to live at the center of who they are, no matter how it looks like. There are great teachings and soul medicine in their personal journeys, and this is what this podcast is about. "Life is a journey. There is no destination, no place to arrive. Life is a miraculous succession of soul experiences, amazing encounters, and a journey of soul discovery. You are your own guru, follow your Soul Dream" - Sonia Ratto, your host.
"Yoga. Alignment. Freedom: The  wild'n wise journey of Cat de Rham"Clay Lomakayu - "Peace: How we meet our losses".Natalie Gentry - "Return to Self"