S3, E23 - Emma Cannon - the mind-body approach

The Worst Girl Gang Ever

Sep 26 2021 • 41 mins

In this episode we chat to the legendary Emma Cannon about the work that she does with the infertility/loss communities. We are treated to a gong as we begin recording and her calmness, spirituality and wisdom shine throughout.

Emma is a fertility and women's health expert, registered acupuncturist, founder of the Emma Cannon Clinic, and a mentor and speaker. With over 25 years in clinical practice, from her fertility rooms she has helped countless patients achieve their dream of having a family.

She is author of five books including the best-selling The Baby Making Bible and FERTILE.

Bridging the gap between western medicine and the world of complimentary therapies, Emma is an impartial support and guide, helping each individual find the path to healing that's right for them

Find out more HERE by heading to her website or follow her on Instagram
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