Episode 2109- Part 2 (of 2): Learning about Trans Sexuality for the PMHNP

PsychNP Cast

May 30 2021 • 44 mins

This is a 2 part episode. Part 2: Lucie Fielding and Ed Stern talk about the clinical intersections of trans sexualities and erotic embodiments. We cover a variety of aspects of clinically supporting and affirming the transgender community. We also chat about sex and sexuality in an open and frank, but professional way (maybe the little ones around you might want to listen to something else). We give our audience a stronger understanding of their approach to care for the transgender community. Lucie Fielding's book "Trans Sex: Clinical Approaches to Trans Sexuality and Erotic Embodiments can be purchased directly through Routledge Publishing, locally or by Amazon https://www.routledge.com/Trans-Sex-Clinical-Approaches-to-Trans-Sexualities-and-Erotic-Embodiments/Fielding/p/book/9780367331764 (Routledge Link) Use Discount Code AET21 to get 20% off the book https://amzn.to/3uC5inH (Amazon Link) https://luciefielding.com/ (Lucie Fielding website) https://linktr.ee/LucieFielding (Link tree) Contact PsychNP CastWant to be a guest? Fill this form out: https://forms.gle/tTQ8nChFaV4tKEj38 (https://forms.gle/tTQ8nChFaV4tKEj38) Email us Email: PsychNPcast@gmail.com