Ep 1.2: Suden uni, part 2 - Moonsorrow Talks: The Epic Heathen Podcast

Moonsorrow Talks: The Epic Heathen Podcast

Aug 2 2021 • 1 hr 45 mins

Today's episode about Suden Uni is great, really proud of the result! Some very interesting insights about lots of aspects, from song structures to lyrical content, and we discovered there is a story being told from the first song to the last. In our previous upload we discussed the album in general and the first two songs, now we talk about the rest of the songs, the artwork and the different editions. The live audio snippets are taken from Leeds 2016 and York 2015. The interview snippet is also from York. Participants: Mikkel from Denmark, Francesco from Italy, Alexis from France, Sasan from the USA, Aleksi from Finland, Thomas from France and Abel from Spain. Intro and outro music by Sasan.