2.04 Life on Earth

The Haiku Pond

Dec 26 2021 • 8 mins

The theme for this episode is Life on Earth. If you liked what you heard, share it with a friend. Thanks for listening. See you on your next visit to the pond.


From David Thorndale on IG as davidthorndale: quiet temple rain — contemplating a haiku along side a snail

From Mona Bedi: summer sun a puppy shrinks into the shade of a leaf

From Lisbeth Ho on Facebook as Elisabeth Holidaya: yellow lantanas veiled in golden dawn white butterfly

From huwanahoy on IG & TW as huwanahoy: What is life on earth When there's nothing to live for Give love and keep joy

From Haiku Nocturnal on Twitter as HaikuNocturnal: Croaking frogs sing loud, Nature's symphonic party Starts every evening

From Linda Hawkins on TW as lindamayhawkins: Dew glistens on grass Sun whispers through the tall trees Never ending hope

From Tristan Woodington aquaholic_anon on Twitter: Glasses in the rain Tears running down window pain The blink of an eye

From Charissa Hooyman on TW as CharissaHooyman: People down below Views across the land and sea Seen from mountain tops

From Christina Chin at haikuzyg.blogspot.com: last leaf spins off the silver poplar winter chill

From Mark Hitri on TW as HitriMark & on IG as the_cellopoet: our grand delusion is having more than enough but not thinking so

From Linda M. Crate on Twitter as thysilverdoe & on IG as authorlindamcrate: in life and rebirth in chaos and destruction dreams and flowers grow.

From Foal Poetry on IG as foalpoetry: Big blue ball spinning 'round Floating in the depths of space Holding everything

From Melody Wang on TW & IG as MelodyOfMusings: A lone rapeseed blooms in a place fire once coursed though - I, in turn, transcend


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