S3E2: Monero and Crypto Anarchism w/ AlexAnarcho of TipXMR

The Web3 Podcast

Jul 29 2022 • 31 mins

If Web3 itself is controversial, no topic is more controversial than the concept of Crypto-Anarchism. Decentralization and enhanced privacy permit journalists, victims of oppressive regimes and whistleblowers to act without fear of reprisal, but also allow criminals and other bad actors to do the same.

In this thought provoking episode, Callum sits down with AlexAnarcho to talk Monero, crypto-anarchy and why we need to adapt the way we think about freedom and technology.

About AlexAnarcho

Alex is a world-renowned privacy advocate and self-proclaimed 'crypto-anarchist'. He is also the founder of Tip XMR, a platform that allows streamers to accept and display tips in XMR. He is a regular speaker at conferences relating to Monero and Privacy, and is based in Germany.

Alex's Recommendations
1. Monero's Website
2. The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto by Timothy C May
3. The Cypherpunk Manifesto
4. Sethforprivacy.com
5. Monero Subreddit
6. Monero.Observor
7. Monero Talk Podcast
8. Monero Community Workgroup
9. MoneroMumble.de (Alex's Podcast - German Language)

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1. Alex on Twitter
2. AlexAnarcho.Live
3. The Web3 Podcast
4. Callum (Host) on Twitter