S2E5: Can We Keep Web3 Inclusive? w/ Lauren Ingram of Women of Web3

The Web3 Podcast

Jun 7 2022 • 21 mins

If you follow Web3 influencers on Twitter, you know our community is very proud to refer to itself as 'the nice corner of the internet'. On this episode, Lauren and Callum discuss how we can we truly make Web3 a truly nicer, more inclusive place to be.

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About Lauren Ingram

Lauren is a marketing and communications expert, who runs the Women of Web3 initiative — a community aiming to connect Women with the new iteration of the internet.

In a past life, she led Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness programme for EMEA, and has been featured in The Guardian, TechCrunch, VICE and the DRUM, amongst others. She also runs the Women of Web3 Podcast.

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