S3E10: Web3 - Fad or Future? w/ Neal Rushton-King and Paddy Vance of MIN3

The Web3 Podcast

Oct 6 2022 • 45 mins

In Web3, the metaphor of being 'pilled' refers to experiencing an epiphany of Web3's potential, and the burning desire to contribute to the development of this ecosystem. This epiphany is what led today's guests, Neal Rushton-King and Paddy Vance, to turn their backs on multi-decade careers at some of the world's most prestigious blue-chip companies.

Instead, Neal and Paddy are using a wealth of experience to build MIN3, a Web3 native consultancy disrupting outdated industries with new technology. Callum, Neal and Paddy discuss everything from the problems that Web3 tech solves to the threats, opportunities and potential that this space contains.

Neal and Paddy's Recommendations

1. Ray Dalio on debt cycles and the fourth turning.
2. Robert Breedlove
3. Luke Gromen
4. Raoul Pal
5. Anything that Marc Andreessen has to say about Web3.

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