S3E3: The Future of Podcasting in Web3 w/ Alexander Zwerner of Kickback.fm

The Web3 Podcast

Aug 8 2022 • 22 mins

Listening to a podcast about podcasting is pretty meta if you ask me, but that is exactly what this fascinating episode is about. Alexander Zwerner walks Callum through the evolution of the podcast landscape in Web3, and why we are headed towards a more equitable world for listeners and creators alike.

About Alexander Zwerner

Alexander is the Founder of Kickback.fm, a podcast-centric Web3 platform where you can fund, connect, & listen to earn. He’s spent five years in the audio industry, and most recently has helped build Bankless DAO's podcast hatchery.

Alex's Recommendations

  1. Learn to code in Web3 with Crypto Zombies
  2. A16Z Podcast
  3. Bankless Podcast

Social Links

1. Alex on Twitter
2. Alex's Email: alexander@kickback.fm
3. Callum on Twitter
4. The Web3 Podcast website.

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