S4E8: Brand Loyalty, Powered by Web3 w/ Connor Kelley of Flaunt

The Web3 Podcast

Jul 24 2023 • 31 mins

In this episode, Callum is joined by Connor Kelley, the CEO and Co-Founder of Flaunt. Flaunt is an enterprise loyalty management platform that serves as a single entry point into web3 for brands and their customers.

Innovation is critical to driving repeat purchases, improving customer engagement, and unlocking new revenue streams. But today's web3 solutions are too complex and send customers all over the internet. Flaunt enables brands to: 1. Create invested fans by giving customers ownership of branded digital assets 2. Foster community by connecting customers and giving them a voice 3. Generate rich customer experiences across mediums With Flaunt, you can: 1. Create, manage, and integrate web3-powered programs 2. Sell or distribute tokens and reward your customers 3. Support unique benefits, community engagement, and a branded marketplace 4. Analyze performance and ROI impact 5. Test, learn, and scale