The Intersection of Technology and Human Connectivity with Alan White

Real Life Real Leaders

Mar 12 2024 • 36 mins

When Alan White speaks about the intersection of human connection and leadership, you can't help but be drawn into his world-view, one honed from the streets of Belfast to the boardrooms of Oklahoma. Alan, who is Sr. Director of IT at Dolese Bros, is an exceptional mind in the world of technology and leadership, offers profound insights into the often overlooked emotional landscape of tech industry leaders. His candid discussions about the role of vulnerability in forming durable bonds and the forward-thinking strategies necessary for technological evolution are enlightening for anyone curious about the human side of innovation.

During our exchange, Alan doesn't shy away from the complexities of leadership and recruitment in tech, illuminating the path to integrating a diverse array of professionals into this dynamic field. He champions the importance of blending creativity with logic, and shares a personal narrative that underscores his commitment to gender equality in the tech space. This episode is more than a mere conversation; it's an expedition through the heart and mind of a leader who dares to think differently about the synergy between people and technology—inviting us all to consider the fabric of our own professional environments and the diverse threads that can lead to groundbreaking achievements.Further key points throughout include:

  • Learn why Alan left Belfast and ended up leading teams in Oklahoma.

  • Discover Alan White's insights on empathetic leadership and tech innovation.

  • Learn how vulnerability plays a key role in tech leadership.

  • Understand how diverse backgrounds drive innovation in tech.

  • Explore Alan White's commitment to gender equality in tech.

  • Learn about the challenges of future tech planning.

  • Get insights on balancing creativity, cost, and viability in tech.

  • Understand the need to focus on potential and adaptability in tech recruitment.

"Nothing else will have as big an impact on your leadership journey as really the power of human connection, and that's really tied to the power of vulnerability. It may seem very Brene Brown and cringy to sort of lean into that vulnerability, but, man, it is truly game-changing." - Alan White

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