Overcoming Adversity and Kickstarting Progress with Cristiana Salgado-Braga

Real Life Real Leaders

May 7 2024 • 33 mins

Get ready to embark on a journey through the extraordinary life of a trailblazer whose resilience and passion have forged a legacy destined to inspire generations. Meet Cristiana Salgado-Braga, the visionary force propelling CSX and bioconsulting while reshaping the global scientific landscape with her unwavering commitment to innovation.

In this episode, Cristiana unveils the pivotal moments that propelled her to become a leader in science, a profession she adores whole-heartedly and delves into the importance of cultural sensitivity in crafting bespoke healthcare solutions and reflects on the impact of growing up in male-dominated cultures and the scarcity of female role models. Cristiana also explores the transformative power of community and mentorship in navigating adversity and shares her experiences handling shocking international upheavals, highlighting the imperative of prioritizing your own safety. Join us as we delve into the ethos of pushing boundaries to realize your true potential and the profound influence of advocates nurturing the next generation of women in STEM. Key points include:

  • The influence of cultural roots on shaping identity and career choices
  • Unlocking solutions with the power of deep understanding
  • Kickstarting progress and embracing the power of initiative
  • Navigating Male-Dominated Cultures and recognizing the absence of female role models
  • Overcoming unexpected challenges: Why you should never outsource your safety
  • The importance of having a solid support network
  • Pushing boundaries: Embracing challenges to discover unseen limits

"I have always been passionate about my career without any false modesty. The culture within the biotechnology sector is so aligned with patient-centric goals that my career has become my go-to safe place in many difficult personal moments. It has been the place for me to fall back on when personal times get hard. My career has always been a safe port for me." – Cristiana Salgado-Braga.

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