The Overnight Culture Makeover: Ana Hory's Proven Playbook

Real Life Real Leaders

Apr 23 2024 • 31 mins

The essence of leadership is more than just steering a ship; it's weathering storms, fostering resilience, and nurturing company culture. This week, Ana Hory, a seasoned advisor, board director, and executive renowned for her strategic risk-taking and entrepreneurial acumen, joins Bonnie.

Get ready to dive in and discover how Ana's strategic vision transformed the Polly Pocket brand into a Brazilian sensation by understanding the market's unique needs and how deciding to remove a team member whose influence was hindering team dynamics became a pivotal moment in her career. Ana also gets candid about resetting and rebuilding, sharing the emotional toll of layoffs and offering practical advice for bouncing back stronger than ever. Tune in now to hear Ana's recipe for success and the decisions that can pave the way for a bright and prosperous future. Key points include:

  • Career highlights: Launching Polly Pocket in Brazil, elevating it to the second-largest market outside of the US
  • Rescuing company culture with the power of coffee walks, talks, and listening
  • Culture fit: How removing a negative element can spark overnight transformation
  • CEO Insights: The crucial lesson learned a little too late
  • Transforming consumer experiences through product management
  • Surviving storms: Navigating transitions in life and finding new opportunities
  • Tackling hardship: Ana's advice for overcoming life obstacles

"I always ask, is there anything you would have done differently from when you started as a CEO? And I kid you not, 100% of the time, they tell me, I wish I had let go of the wrong people sooner." – Ana Hory.

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