Kisse Ka Hissa- Speed Breaker Part 1

Kisse Ka Hissa

May 15 2021 • 15 mins

The time was 3:30 am when  HRTC bus dropped him at Nahan, a small town in the state of Himachal Pradesh. All alone he started his journey towards his house with the only luggage he had in his hands. The road, the bends, the curves, and the speed breakers were all familiar. Counting his steps, he was moving all excited towards his house to give surprise to his family when something unexpected happened. Sanjeev still remembers the night or shall we say the early morning of that day clearly. The year was 1994.
Every profession is full of challenge, charm, excitement, intrigue, and experiences. And every professional goes through this journey in his/her way. And each of these experiences ends up in a story, an incident, an anecdote that is worth narrating. In Kisse Ka Hissa Season 3, we will add our narrative to these experiences to make a Kissa out of it, making it more exciting, intriguing, and relatable. The platform of Kisse Ka Hissa is about original and authentic content. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook #kissekahissa #Indianstories #Hindistories #easynarrative #originalcontent #hattrickimc #hattrickoriginals #creativecontent #shareyourstory #experiences #anecdotes