Kisse Ka Hissa- The Hand of God (Full Episode)

Kisse Ka Hissa

Oct 26 2021 • 33 mins

Left-right-left is one command which we all recognize and when needed adhere to. Somewhere near Panipat,  on the national highway, in the middle of the night, the command was disobeyed by a little intoxicated truck driver. This resulted in a series of incidents the scars of those are still clear and visible.
However, the end result of this could have been a lot different but thanks to one invisible man who believed in following  the command and the instructions to the core,  that we are enjoying  every bit of that incident today.

We have entered into season 4 with Kisse Ka Hissa. We are planning to dig a little deeper into people's minds to explore more intrinsic more engaging and more interesting Kissa's. In return, we will give them our narrative simplicity and share it with people who believe in the strength of Kissa's like us. Close your eyes, enjoy the narrative and while you are at it, think of any exciting incident, an anecdote, piece of your life, which you can share with us. We promise to color your thoughts and mix it with our exciting narrative.

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