Kisse Ka Hissa- Auto Correct (Full Episode)

Kisse Ka Hissa

Aug 17 2021 • 21 mins

Out of sight is out of mind.  Yes, it was an exciting incident. But then it happened 40 years back.  He wasn't even looking for it.  All of a sudden, thanks to the auto-correct feature of his phone, the childhood memories, and that incident came back into his life in a flash. You can call it coincidence, a pleasant one though!
Every profession is full of challenge, charm, excitement, intrigue, and experiences. And every professional goes through this journey in his/her way. And each of these experiences ends up in a story, an incident, an anecdote that is worth narrating. In Kisse Ka Hissa Season 3, we will add our narrative to these experiences to make a Kissa out of it, making it more exciting, intriguing, and relatable. The platform of Kisse Ka Hissa is about original and authentic content. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook #kissekahissa #Indianstories #Hindistories #easynarrative #originalcontent #hattrickimc #hattrickoriginals #creativecontent #shareyourstory #experiences #anecdotes