Rightly Divided

Community Harvest Church

In an age of deception and apathy, when "truth has fallen in the streets" (Isaiah 59:14), it is more important than ever that God's Word be rightly divided so we can discern and know the truth. Join us - and our special guests - for each episode as we have in-depth discussions, centered on the Word of God.
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Should Christians Pay Taxes?
Should Christians Pay Taxes?Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas TreeCan We Lose Our Salvation?Greater Works Than Jesus?We Are More Than ConquerorsAll About HalloweenI Was Born This Way?How To Avoid A Bad Case Of BurnoutAre You A Professor Or A Possessor?What the Bible Says About Capital PunishmentInfant Baptism & The Great CommissionAre There Modern Day Apostles?Does Satan Have The Power To Create?Membership, Emotions and Family MattersDo All Dogs Go To Heaven?The Doctrine of Predestination with Special Guest, Allen MillerThe Ministry of the Holy SpiritConditional & Unconditional Eternal SecurityLeft Behind, The Rapture & The Age of AccountabilityThe Role of Women in the Church