100. The Free Coaching Trap

Coaches on a Mission

Apr 11 2022 • 0 seconds

Today’s episode is extra juicy because I think most of us have had those moments when we feel a potential client slipping away on you because you give too much coaching away for free.

Now, there is a time and place to actually give coaching away for free. Which is a super smart and effective strategy. WHEN you actually use it as a strategy.

But if you’re giving coaching away outside of sales calls, you’re not doing your job. And believe it or not, you’re not helping people.

What I’m describing easily happens when we center ourselves in a discovery session or sales call instead of centering the client.

So, if you find that your sales conversations don’t easily turn into paying clients, please join me for an upcoming free workshop for values driven coaches.

It’s called Clients From Scratch and you’ll learn why client centered selling is the only approach for values driven coaches AND how to apply it in your coaching business.

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Now, in today’s episode, my guest is Erica Lasan. She helps overwhelmed women and overworked moms rediscover radical joy and purpose beyond parenthood.

And Erica knows exactly what it feels like to give coaching away and hoping that all her great advice and support will magically turn people into clients.

It’s a recurring theme in her life so we put our heads together to uncover the subtle things she may be doing to sabotage her client attraction and land in the frustration zone instead.

Erica is just so much fun, so I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed this conversation.


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