America's Test Kitchen

We take America's Test Kitchen's inquisitive and relentless approach to telling unexpected, funny, and thought-provoking narratives about food and drink. This is not a recipe show. And this is not a show about celebrity chefs or what they like to eat. Proof plunges into history, culture, science, and the psyche to uncover the hidden backstories that feed your food-obsessed brain. A production of America's Test Kitchen.

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Our Editor's Take

The Proof podcast focuses on the roots and nuances of the food and drinks that have become a staple of society. This podcast from America's Test Kitchen is great for foodies and history buffs. It examines the origins of some beloved dishes and the dives that could cure the worst hangover. Listeners will find humorous insight into everything food, culture, and mystery recipes.

America's Test Kitchen has been exploring the world of food, cookware, and cooking for many years. From America's Test Kitchen Kids to countless books and websites to their credit, ATK is a leader in foodie curiosity. The Proof podcast is no different. Cohosts Kevin Pang and Bridget Lancaster are warm, humorous, and engaging. Stellar sound production also makes these episodes feel like mini mystery documentaries. Listeners may ask, "Will they get to the bottom of this sake mystery?"

The Proof podcast is a trove of riveting discoveries. Listeners hear about happy food accidents and the world's greatest Italian beef. There are also some fascinating guests on the show. One example is James Beard Award-winning writer Ahmed Ali Akbar. He discusses the challenge of staying nourished during Ramadan as a new dad. Listeners will hear about a cooking school for blind students and how grocery shopping and cooking affect the sight impaired. These episodes even answer the question, "Should I cook for my dog?"

Each episode of Proof is unique. Listeners will listen to editor Yumi Araki speak about enduring spirits. They will hear Camilo Garzón about vanishing ants. Listeners learn how the government attempted to eradicate Chinese restaurants. They will listen to stories that prove that one man's castaways could be another person's treasure..

Food is one of the most unifying aspects of the human experience. From San Francisco to New York City to the streets of Japan, how people enjoy their food shapes history. Proof is here to explore those fascinating connections in some remarkable ways. New episodes are available once a week.

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