KonMarie Method, Spring Snacks, Misused Words

The Lisa Show

Mar 15 2019 • 1 hr 38 mins

KonMarie Method (00:00) Karla Ann Carter, organization expert, talks about the values and integrity of the KonMarie organization method created by Japanese organizer Marie Kondo. Spring Snacks (33:36) What are the best things to be snacking on as the weather starts to warm up this Spring? Amy and Josh join Lisa to share the best things to buy and prepare in the coming months. Leprechaun (50:02) Lisa and Richie chat with a leprechaun about his life experiences, jobs, and recent mischief. Tune in for a one of a kind conversation with an Irish mythological creature. How to Make Your Own Luck (1:06:30) Does luck only come to the lucky? Or can one make their own luck? Mark Banschick, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, shares the secrets to creating your own success and luck. Misused Words (1:22:26) Ross Petras and Kathryn Petras, authors of the book You’re Saying It Wrong, talk about the most common misused words and why we are saying them wrong.