The Borgen Project, Science on TikTok, Self-Control, Movie Theaters, Furnishing Homes, The Single Parent Project

The Lisa Show

May 19 2020 • 1 hr 42 mins

The Borgen Project (0:00:00) Fighting global poverty can seem like quite the daunting task. With 736 million people living in extreme poverty and about 2.5 billion that lack access to improved sanitation, we have a long way to go before we solve this issue. But fighting world poverty is a much more serious issue than just a simple policy change. That’s what the Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization located in Seattle, is doing an incredible part in not only raising money and materials to fight poverty, but also pass legislation that create long term solutions. Today, we’re joined today by Kim Thelwell, the Vice President of Policy and Communications for the Borgen Project. She’s here to talk about the impact of poverty and what the Borgen Project is doing to stop it. Science on Tik Tok (0:14:09) You’ve probably heard all sorts of things about the app TikTok. Created in 2016, it features all sorts of videos, from skits and singing to memes and dad jokes. But, just like any other social media platform, your kids might find themselves scrolling through their feed for hours without even realizing it. Sixty percent of TikTok’s audience is under 20 years old and still in school. So, Phil Cook, a chemistry teacher of 20 years, decided to create more meaningful content for the app. From explosions to elephant toothpaste, Phil creates science videos that have taken the platform by storm. Self-Control (0:33:13) On The Lisa Show we talk a lot about having a good lifestyle. We’ve had many conversations about spending less time on our phones and planning healthy meals among other things we can do to improve our well-being.  While all of these things will help us, the only way we’ll see changes in our life is if we have self-control.  To help us figure out how to have more self-discipline in all areas of our life, we invited Dr. Angela Duckworth onto the show. She’s a professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and a co-founder of Character Lab, a website dedicated to using science to build character. The Future of Movie Theater (0:51:38) There’s something about watching a movie in a dark room with strangers that makes a movie a little more enjoyable for me. But with all the movie theaters closed right now and streaming platforms getting more popular every day, I’m a little worried about the movie theaters ever reopening. So, we’ve invited film producer and former studio executive Glenn Williamson to tell us what he sees in the future for movie theaters. Furnishing Homes (1:06:52) We’re always looking for opportunities to serve here on The Lisa Show, and this week we wanted to highlight an opportunity to serve people coming out of homelessness. Treger Strasberg is the founder of Humble Design –an organization that collects donated furniture to furnish the homes of those coming out of homelessness. She and her husband also happen to be on BYUTV’s show Welcome Home. The Single Parent Project (1:25:00) As many of you know and experience every day, being a parent is hard. I don’t think any of us has it easy—because all children like to challenge their parents. But some people, in my opinion, are super parents... and they are the single parents. Today, we are talking to the founders of an inspiring organization, the Single Parent Project, Meghann Brimhall and Alissa Harrod, about how we can better understand and support the single parents around us.