Club Mood Vibes Podcast #239: Toni Savaggio

Club Mood Vibes

Jun 28 2019 • 1 hr 30 mins

#239 of our podcast series by @savaggiomusic! ➪ ➪ ➪ ➪ ➪ In the beginning I lived in Berlin with my brother Rudi. Like many at that time, I produced techno. I experimented. I started to play live, sometimes using instruments. I watched as my audiences showed surprise and then excitement in my search for signature sound. I released music. I made good friends. I made music with them. And sometimes they came to join the party. Now I live in Vancouver. Sometimes I perform here. Or other places. So come find me. I won’t alienate you. I’ll hold you close. You’re part of my act. Whoever you are. In this set, you’ll hear the sound of Savaggio and our extended family of talented collaborators. Thanks to Rudi Savaggio, Felix Weltfremd, Stereophonie, Tunndra and Bart Swiss. My fellow architects. This is a live tribute to their work. Tracklist: 1. Unhelpful - Savaggio feat. Bart Swiss (Original Mix) 2. Thriller - Savaggio & Stereophonie (Dub Mix) 3. Samaam - Savaggio (Original Mix) 4. Ate Thirty - Savaggio (Original Mix) [Univack] 5. Nurture - Savaggio (Original Mix) [Perchépolis] 6. The Ulysses Valentine - Savaggio (Original Mix) OUT SOON [Submarine Vibes] 7. Unseasonal - Savaggio & Felix Weltfremd (Original Mix) OUT SOON [Trippy Code] 8. Kathi Bucht - Savaggio & Felix Weltfremd (Original Mix) OUT SOON [Trippy Code] 9. Snow Way - Savaggio (Original Mix) OUT SOON [Trippy Code] 10. Fantasia - Savaggio (Tunndra Remix)[Black Hills] 11. Cerulean - Savaggio (Original Mix) OUT SOON [Submarine Vibes]