Dr. David Bray on Ransomware, the Uncertainty of Change, and Working for the Government as a Teenager - Ep 10

Privacy is the New Celebrity

Nov 2 2021 • 51 mins

In Episode 10, Dr. David Bray brings us on a journey into the future of privacy, from ransomware to sith lords. David is a distinguished fellow at the Atlantic Council as well as the Stimson Center, and principal at LeadDoAdapt Ventures. David began working for the government at age 15 and has an impressive range of expertise including cybersecurity, disinformation, military and humanitarian issues, civil rights, energy, biotechnology, and more. David and Josh discuss ransomware as one of the most significant threats of the 21st century and David explains why it's never worth paying the ransom. David ponders the last 150 years of technological innovation and explains how we're currently witnessing four technological revolutions simultaneously. He also shares his fears that our desire for certainty in an ever-changing world could lead us towards autocracy. Josh reminds us that only a sith deals in absolutes.