Hugh Howey on Science Fiction, Sailing, and Scammers Stealing his Face - Ep 12

Privacy is the New Celebrity

Dec 1 2021 • 43 mins

Have you ever thought about whether the world is a good place or a bad place? In episode 12, Brady Forrest interviews Hugh Howey, acclaimed author of the science fiction story Wool and the Silo Series of novels, which wrestle with this central question.  Hugh explains how processing his darkest emotions led to his most successful story. He also shares what it's like to sail around the world using nothing but the stars and signs of nature, which he wrote about for his Wayfinding series. Brady compares solo-sailing on long voyages to silent meditation retreats (Hugh recommends Craig Mod's write-up on the subject). Hugh also tells us how his privacy was violated on a global scale.  Scammers used his photos to create thousands of fake online dating profiles, and this violation still follows him around today (he recently got a call from the FBI). What would you do if your face became famous without your consent?