Henry Holtzman on MobileUSD and the Challenge of Stablecoins - Ep 26

Privacy is the New Celebrity

Jun 2 2022 • 43 mins

In this episode, the host becomes the guest. Sara Drakeley interviews Henry Holtzman, Chief Innovation Officer at MobileCoin. Sara probes Henry's career at the MIT Media Lab during the halcyon days of computing, and Henry shares insider tips on how to design successful tech products and bring them to market. Sara and Henry also dive into stablecoins, which Henry divulges is MobileCoin's next big venture. Get ready for MobileUSD! They discuss the challenges of building out this technology, the difference between algorithmic and asset-backed stablecoins, and what can go wrong with each. Henry gives an expert breakdown of the TerraUSD collapse and what it could mean for the future of stablecoins.