Enter the Metaverse with Kavya Pearlman: A Deep Dive into Immersive Reality - Ep 17

Privacy is the New Celebrity

Feb 10 2022 • 54 mins

In episode 17, Henry Holtzman interviews Kavya Pearlman, award-winning cyber security professional and founder of the XR Safety Initiative, a non-profit organization that promotes privacy, security, and ethics in virtual and augmented reality. Henry asks Kavya to break down why there is so much buzz around the metaverse right now, and why we should be concerned for our privacy. Kavya explains how body-worn sensors like VR headsets vastly increase the amount of data companies can collect from users, and the difficulty of developing regulations for technology that doesn't quite exist yet.  Kavya shares her experience serving as the head of security for the oldest existing virtual world, “Second Life” by Linden Lab, and what this taught her about the need for adequate user protections. To learn more about the risks of virtual reality, Kavya suggests this recent report by her organization. To get involved with XRSI, visit https://xrsi.org/volunteer.