Frances Haugen, Facebook's Most Outspoken Whistleblower, on How to Hold Big Tech Accountable - Ep 22

Privacy is the New Celebrity

Apr 6 2022 • 38 mins

In this episode, Lucy Kind interviews Frances Haugen, a data scientist and privacy advocate who in 2021 famously disclosed internal Facebook documents exposing the company's prioritization of profit over the well being of its users. Frances' disclosures to the SEC and Congress led to multiple investigations in major newspapers as well as congressional hearings aimed at holding the tech giant accountable for elevating divisive content, spreading disinformation, and causing other forms of harm. Lucy asks Frances how she made the difficult choice to go public as a whistleblower, and how that choice transformed her career. Frances gives an insider perspective on how Facebook ignored its own internal findings that it was causing harm, choosing instead to manipulate public opinion and swerve accountability.  Lucy asks Frances to share her perspective on privacy, and Frances tells us about exciting new projects she's working on, including grassroots organizing at colleges and universities and creating more resources for whistleblowers.