Andrew Berardini on the Role of Privacy in Shaping and Consuming Art in the Past, Present, and Future - Ep 19

Privacy is the New Celebrity

Feb 24 2022 • 40 mins

In this episode, Lucy Kind interviews Andrew Berardini, one of the leading art critics in Los Angeles. Andrew is a long-time contributor to Artforum and author of the book Danh Vo: Relics, as well as the forthcoming book Colors. He is also a curator with MobileCoin Art, an  initiative to support contemporary artists via activations such as the Private Practice Art Residency, MobileCoin Art Prize, and more. Lucy asks Andrew about the role privacy plays in the creation and consumption of art. Andrew and Lucy speculate about how technology is transforming the art world, and Andrew gives us a history lesson on how museums were created. Finally, Andrew encourages us to conceptualize privacy outside of technology, and contemplate how it impacts all aspects of our lives.