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Emotional Abuse Is...Confusing
Mar 22 2023
Emotional Abuse Is...Confusing
In today's episode, we dive into the difficult topic of emotional abuse and why it's often misunderstood.Emotional abuse is not commonly accepted as real abuse, despite its profound impact on the victim's mental and emotional well-being. This makes it difficult to identify and even harder to talk about, creating a sense of isolation and shame for those who experience it.We'll explore the concept of cognitive dissonance and how it creates confusion in the victim's mind. We'll also discuss why victims may feel bad for the abuser, and how narcissists use grooming tactics to manipulate and control their victims.If you or someone you know is experiencing emotional abuse, check out the resources in our show notes, including links to, an organization that provides support for emotional abuse survivors. They offer valuable information on recognizing abuse, understanding its effects, and finding ways to heal.Resources:Why Does He Do That: Inside The Minds of Angry and Controlling MenSupport for Emotional Abuse: Abuse Victims Look Like: Narcissists Groom Victims: Do I Know If It's Abuse?: Things Emotional Abuse Victims Need to Know: Powerful Truths About Emotional Abuse: Abuse: