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Openly Spoken is the podcast to help you show up, speak out, and be seen in your new era of self love and relationships. It's my heart's deepest desire to help more women & non-binary folks drop deeply into their bodies, celebrate all parts of themselves, and become self expressed babes/beings. Hosted by self love & s.xuality coach, Cilia "Lia" Antoniou. Next season comes out Spring 2024. Connect on IG @selfexpressedbabe

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Painful S ex and Loving your Pelvis with Steffi Von Brunner
Apr 24 2024
Painful S ex and Loving your Pelvis with Steffi Von Brunner
Most Women don't learn about their pelvis (or how to do a proper kegel) until they're at the pelvic floor physiotherapist with pelvic issues. But what isn't common knowledge about a body part we all have can really help your quality of life, no matter what chapter of life you're in.Today's guest is Steffi Von Brunner who is a body worker, yoga teacher, and pelvic embodiment coach specialized in the female pelvis.----Through years of research, training, courses, and books, Steffi has developed a knowledge of many different practices to help create space in the body, mind, and spirit and she specializes in helping women and people born with a uterus to achieve this goal.Steffi's starting point with this began with pelvic yoga but her interest in the female pelvis led her to explore other practices. She's trained with:Pelvic physiotherapist, Isa HerreraChi Nei Tsang therapy with Zendrik van der MerweLiving Lightly Massage with Iza WijffelsPelvic Massage with Janneke Robers & Richelle van GerwenReiki with Lisa PowersCombining these different practices has given Steffi a comprehensive understanding of pelvic health and how to help people with pelvic issues.We lead our conversation with the topic of the pelvis's role in painful sex and I hope you get to learn something new about your body from this conversation.----Watch this episode on Youtube: with Steffi on IG:'s Website: www.steffivonbrunner.comPelvic Yoga Nidra Meditation by Steffi: this episode on Youtube:
You are Love (and so is everyone else.)
Jun 14 2023
You are Love (and so is everyone else.)
Let's take a moment to ground, to stop what you were doing for a moment and connect with your heart.And then I invite you to check out the video episodes from last year's pride episodes I shared via audio last year. We had 5 amazing episodes and 3 of them are being re-shared this year with their videosLinks are below and the audio versions of the episodes are in each video's caption. You can also find it if you search for season 3 of this podcast. Sending so much love!------PRIDE VIDEO EPISODESHow a Spiritual Awakening and Identity/Sexual Awakening can Intersect with Jane Lyon: Family & Authentic Self Expression as a Queer Person with Olivia Beaton: Unpacking Your Conditioning to Let Love In with Maria Eilersen: two more Pride episode's on AudioEmotional Awareness, Resiliency, and Healing with Hypnotherapist, Raquel Martos on Spotify: Podcasts: Conscious Objectivity to Politics with Olivia Beaton on Spotify: Podcasts: