Sorry, for the recent lack of content, but Hikari Travel Agency (HTA) is ecstatic to get back into the swing of things!

This episode, Isaac & Abby talk about some of the proper etiquette that they recommend you follow when traveling to/throughout Japan as a foreigner.

As expected, they provide their personal experiences of living and traveling throughout Japan as well as commenting on some of the more mainstream recommended etiquette in Japan.  Not all of their personal experiences flow with the common published "Proper Japan Etiquette" though, so if you want to hear the real or slightly embarrassing details then give a listen to this episode!

Also, they discuss some of the up-coming future projects that HTA has been planning!  Definitely listen to the end to hear the announcements, but we recommend you follow our social media for the details! (sorry if that sounds like click-bait, but social media is where we continuously post)

SIDE NOTE: The Japanese term that Isaac was referencing when talking about an informal, after-work gathering is known as "無礼講" (bureikou).

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