Itadakimasu! Let's Dig Into Japanese Cuisine & Food Culture, Part 2

Hibana: The Japan Travel, Life & Culture Guide, The Official Podcast of Hikari Travel Agency (HTA)

Mar 30 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

We start off this episode with a Japanese food taste experience! Abby brings some of her favorite finds from her recent trip to an Asian food store and Isaac tastes some of them for the first time. After the taste test though, we talk more about connections between food and culture within Japan. We cover everything from children’s school lunches in Japan to Konbini’s (Japanese Convenience Stores) to how food plays into Japanese cultural holidays. Food will always be connected to any countries culture, so here we breakdown how Japanese food relates to our experiences with the culture as well as tying in how it relates to our USA upbringing. --- Send in a voice message: