Bless Yourself So That You Can Be A Blessing To Others #179

The Luke Mind Power Podcast

Jan 24 2023 • 51 mins

Success requires patience, this is your mantra for 2023, you will achieve all that you desire, i dont have any doubts in my mind but you must become aware of whats holding you back and dont be doing the same shit all the time and expecting things to turn out differently for you.

Step up into your higher self and believe in yourself and start embodying that version of you in 5 years time. What would they say to you and tell you to do if you could talk to them? I know what they would say, they would say, get out of your own way and stop being afraid of what your friends and family will think. You can do this and i believe in you!! If you want to be a blessing in your own life and live your dreams first you must bless yourself by taking care of yourself and doing whats right for you. Then and only then can you bless others cause you blessed yourself! I believe in you, thanks for listening and lets keep crushing 2023! You got this!

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