Episode #23. Early Adoption and Change Management: Lessons from Tech Partnerships, with Hiten Patel, Head of Product Management for Penn Medicine

Smart From The Start

Mar 6 2024 • 20 mins

Revenue trends in healthcare aren't keeping up with rising costs, prompting a need for creative solutions. In this episode, Hiten Patel, Head of Product Management for Penn Medicine, sheds light on the challenges healthcare providers face, including stagnant revenue growth and rising costs. He emphasizes the need for creative solutions, such as pursuing partnerships and diversifying revenue streams amid industry shifts and mergers. Hiten delves into the importance of strategic evaluation when adopting new technologies like AI and machine learning, urging organizations to focus on broader solutions rather than point solutions to ensure scalability and efficiency.  Tune in and learn how healthcare organizations can navigate technological advancements while prioritizing operational transformation to thrive in an ever-changing landscape!

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