Within the Sphere of the Master: One Man's Journey of Being Mentored and Playing Alongside the Legendary Bud Herseth

Trumpet Dynamics

Jun 5 2022 • 33 mins

Welcome to the show. I recently finished a major recording project, the audio version of Within the Sphere of the Master: My Recollections as a Student and Longtime Colleague of Adolph Herseth, Trumpeter Supreme of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Written by Timothy Kent. The audio version of the book is now for sale, and is hosted at our business' mobile app. If you'd like to purchase the audio, it can be found at withinthespherebook.com. This project was a long time in the making, and I sat down with my wife Sana to discuss the book, getting the gig recording it, and some of my own personal recollections and takeaways as a trumpeter with an interest in symphonic music. Among the things we discussed: How I heard of the book and got the gig recording it... My interactions with the author, who is long retired from trumpet playing... Why people should purchase the audiobook... Lessons I learned while recording the book... Why it took THREE YEARS to record it (ugh)... How the book gives an insider's look at life in the CSO... Why the biggest takeaway for me had nothing to do with playing trumpet at its core... And much more! Enjoy today's episode. And we have a special bonus for listeners of the show. You can access the entire chapter titled "Trumpet Lessons with Adolph Herseth" for free. Type in lessonswithbud.com to gain access to the audio. This 57-minute audio will not remain free forever, so I recommend you hightail it on over to that url immediately. Again, it's lessonswithbud.com. Mentioned in this episode: Lessons with Bud Have you heard of a fellow named Bud Herseth? He's only the greatest orchestral trumpeter of all time, and now you can listen to a series of lessons, notes, anecdotes and in-the-trenches advice for free. This 57 minute audio is available for a limited time. Head over to lessonswithbud.com to learn more.