What Happens When You Quit Caring About "Being the Best" and Embracing Your True Love with Nathaniel Mayfield

Trumpet Dynamics

May 30 2022 • 29 mins

-Those mysterious flying walking penguins...01:12 -Introduction of Nate Mayfield...05:30 -Nate's worst performance moment...08:17 -What happens when you no longer care about being "the best"...12:30 -How to stay focused on music when you're overwhelmed with life's responsibilities...14:40 -Focus on your purpose with music and otherwise...17:15 -Nate Mayfield on "The Hot Seat"...20:50 Preparing for a performance 5 minutes before going on stage The best performance advice you've ever received Dealing with dry mouth The dream performance scenario https://trumpetdynamics.com/gsdnetwork (GSD Network) Mentioned in this episode: Sphere Promo The URL for the free audio titled “Trumpet Lessons with Adolph Herseth” is lessonswithbud.com. If you’d like to purchase the audio version of Within the Sphere of the Master, visit withinthespherebook.com Lessons with Bud Have you heard of a fellow named Bud Herseth? He's only the greatest orchestral trumpeter of all time, and now you can listen to a series of lessons, notes, anecdotes and in-the-trenches advice for free. This 57 minute audio is available for a limited time. Head over to lessonswithbud.com to learn more.