How Our "Why" Changes Over Time, The Proper Role of Trumpet in Life, Why We Keep Playing. James Newcomb is Put On the Hot Seat by Wife Sana!

Trumpet Dynamics

Feb 7 2022 • 47 mins The first episode of Trumpet Dynamics was published in January 2016; and it occurred to me that no one has actually asked me about my own journey on the trumpet. So I asked my wife Sana to ask me some questions about my trumpet career, as well as how the podcast has impacted me personally! Here's what you'll hear in today's episode: -Housekeeping items...02:00 Remember the URL! Find me on the web and subscribe to my daily email newsletter at -Sana shares her first memory of James playing trumpet in 2019...10:30 -Why music from Sana's native land is so difficult to "get" for a Westerner...15:45 -How James got his start on trumpet...18:50 -Why James is grateful trumpet hasn't been his only career...25:13 -When, where, why and how did James Newcomb begin the Trumpet Dynamics podcast?...32:30 -What the podcast has taught James about trumpet and life...35:35 -And much more! **I got a cold sore this weekend, and boy did I wish I had some Robinson's Remedies Lip Repair on hand! I'm overseas as I type this, so I didn't have it available. But it's what I rely on to keep my chops in shape. (Click here to order a tube of Lip Repair or Lip Renew for yourself. ) Mentioned in this episode: GSD Network This episode is brought to you by the GSD network. Short for “Getting Stuff Done”, the GSD Network offers full service podcast production, audiobook production, copy writing and email marketing, and much more. If it has anything to do with hitting a button that says "publish, "we probably do it. To check out what we have to offer, type in G.S.D. dot network into your browser and you're off to the races. That's G.S.D. dot network