Embrace Relief with Chelsea Winterholler

Chelsea Winterholler

I am a Certified Life Coach who helps moms embrace the relief that comes from finding emotional freedom around your child’s future. I have had a child die, I have a child who lives with anxiety, and I have a child who lives with a life-threatening allergy. I used to go at facing this all alone. Until I found a life coach who would help me process all of the fear I was having about my children’s futures. I got certified so I can help YOU. I know the worry. I know the fear. I know the stress that feels like it will never end. I know the sleepless nights where worst case scenarios run over and over in your brain. Not just about your child’s survival, but also about just simply making it through tomorrow. I know the strain it can put on a marriage and relationships in your life. I’ve felt the crippling anxiety waiting for the doctor to give me life-altering news. I know the pain of sitting in the back of an ambulance with my child in anaphylaxis. I know the aching need to help your child who can’t breathe due to their anxiety of stepping out of the car. I know how you feel. I have been able to process these fears and figure out REAL steps forward for me and my children. Yes, my children as well. The tools I continue to learn and teach them have helped my son with anxiety finally stay in the classroom when he is taking a test. I have learned how to teach my other son with a life threatening allergy to stay calm when he is faced with his allergen, and stand strong when he is the only one at an event NOT eating the dessert. I have used these tools to process losing my first son, and look back on the woman who went through that with so much respect and love. We have each found real steps that are propelling us towards a better future. There will come a day when you don't spend every moment in fight mode, ready to run away and hide from the next problem. There will come a day when you can Embrace Relief. Join me on this journey to embrace the relief that comes from finding emotional freedom around your child’s future-and your own. read less
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Tech use and How to Impact Your Children: Special Guest Brittany Homer
Tech use and How to Impact Your Children: Special Guest Brittany Homer
If you have ever struggled with connecting with your child, on tech or off, this is the episode for you. We learn all about the limitless potential that is available for your children AND for you. In this episode, Chelsea interviews Brittany Homer, the Co-founder and Executive Director of Project Stand, which is an organization that empowers parents, youth, and communities to use technology is healthy ways. Join us as we let you in on all of her masterful thoughts on talking to your kids about tech use, how to truly connect them, setting goals, and continuing forward when things really get tough. Brittany has always believed that with the right tools and support there is no limit to a child’s potential. With that in mind she received a Master’s Degree in Family and Human Development and became a Certified Family Life Educator. Her education has helped her recognize and respond to many threats children and families face today. She is Co-Founder and Executive Director of Project STAND, where youth, parents, and school communities are empowered to use technology in healthy ways. She is also Co-Founder of Safe Tech Solutions, a collaboration of nonprofits who provide K-12 media safety education. Brittany has advocated for important policy changes at the local, state, national, and international levels. In 2023 Brittany spoke with delegates and activists at the United Nations about the harms of pornography to children, and the role of parents and governments in keeping kids safe online. She believes there is so much we can do to address these issues, and is proud to be a part of the solution. Brittany has served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Sexual Assault (SANE) Advocate, is a member of the Safeguard Alliance (a task force of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation), and is creator and host of the podcast, Raising Today’s Kids. Brittany loves to spend time in the mountains of Montana where she refreshes herself to address the magnitude of digital dilemmas our kids face. She is an optimist and loves linking arms with others who have hope for a bright future. She and her husband feel so blessed to have four children who inspire her to fight to protect all children. To find out more, follow Project Stand on instagram @projectstand_mediasafety and Chelsea on instagram @winterhollercoaching