118. The Positive Benefits of CBD for Moms on Sex, Sleep, and Stress and Lessons in Co-Parenting and Launching a Luxury Brand with Amanda Goetz, Founder & CEO of House of Wise

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Jul 20 2022 • 45 mins

Amanda Goetz is a single mom of 3 kids and the founder & CEO of House of Wise, a luxury CBD company and wellness brand that empowers women to give more purposeful intention to their routines so they can take better control of their lives.

Her CBD products empower women to take control of their sleep, sex, strength and stress while also giving women the opportunity to create wealth by selling the products in a non-MLM sort of way.

But Amanda’s journey has not always been easy. From infertility, miscarriage, a failed startup, divorce to leaving her role as the VP of Marketing of the Knot Worldwide in the middle of the pandemic while homeschooling 3 kids, Amanda is an inspiration to moms out there that you can do anything.

In this episode, Amanda and I chatted about

  • Co-parenting and dealing with divorce with little kids
  • Roles of primary and secondary parent in a co-parenting relationship
  • Ways to implement co-parenting strategies when you are married
  • Structuring work and family time, time blocking and being present with your children
  • Her journey launching House of Wise, a luxury CBD and wellness brand, while still working as a CMO and solo parenting in a different state than her co-parent
  • Tactical step-by-step and tips on how to launch a product company - how to find a chemist, formulator, manufacturer, and co-packer
  • How to think about is there a market for your product - how to do market research
  • What makes a good CBD product?
  • How can moms use CBD in their lives?
  • How CBD can help with your sex life

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