The Design Pop

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I'm your host, Alexandra Tseffos, and welcome to The Design Pop, a podcast for dealer designers! The world of the dealer designer is changing and now more than ever, this community plays an ever-increasing role in the success of projects. These designers possess a wealth of knowledge and passion for furniture and design, but it seems this group is often left unrecognized. As the industry evolves, there is a growing recognition of the value of this role, leading to more opportunities for empowerment. Join me as I share my experiences as a designer, trainer, and consultant to help this community build more influence and recognition - this is the first step in building a community of dealers designers that are focused on learning, improving their craft, and growing their careers. Whether you're a furniture enthusiast or just curious about growing and learning more to apply to your own career. I'm glad you're here. Join me as we harness the power of the design community to explore these important topics in the world of design. The Design Pop is an Imagine a Place Production. read less