To Post Or Not To Post | Sofa Broker Ep.3

Sofa Broker

Sep 10 2023 • 28 mins

The Sofa Broker Podcast Episode 3 - 'To Post Or Not To Post' Hosted by real estate tycoons Daniel McPeake and Solly Strickland.

Daniel and Solly are discussing a recent networking event and how the demographics differed significantly from what was initially anticipated. Surprisingly, the majority of attendees were not from the real estate industry; instead, they were social media influencers. Daniel and Solly shared insights on how to leverage your online presence to attract buyers and build your brand effectively.

Topics from this episode: - Should you have social media as a broker? - Why an online presence is paramount. - How to effectively use social media in real estate. - How to turn followers in buyers.- Networking events with social media.- And more...

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