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The Telos Channel, hosting the suite of Telos podcasts /// Undaunted: In our divided and dangerous world, how can we choose peace? Join us on our journey to find answers, guided by radical peacemakers and their stories from the front-lines. When conflict seems intractable, these conversations give us the courage to choose a different way—a way of justice, healing, and hope. A way of peacemaking // The Weekly Check-in: Join the team at Telos every week as they unpack headlines to hit the U.S., Israel/Palestine, and beyond. Though it might seem daunting, peacemaking is for all of us—journey with the Telos team as they explore how peacemaking is the driving force our world needs, and how we can each join in it today.
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Hurricane Ida made landfall in southern Louisiana on Sunday, leaving a wake of devastation in its place and more than 1 million without power. Some of the hardest hit areas are home to Indigenous communities from the region, including the Houma people.Today, we want to highlight their stories and offer a chance for you to give. Our friend Monique Verdin is a poet, activist, and artist, and part of the Houma people from southern Louisiana. Take a moment to hear her story, and consider giving to her organization, Another Gulf is Possible, which is providing emergency aid to folks on the ground who need it most. Another Gulf is Possible Just Ida Recovery Fund - https://anothergulf.com/ida/Read and share the Principles and Practices of Peacemaking - https://www.telosgroup.org/what-we-do/#principles-practicesSubscribe to the Telos Newsletter for more news analysis and peacemaking resources - http://eepurl.com/cG1LGHdFollow Telos on Instagram @thetelosgroupIf you’re enjoying the podcast, become a monthly donor to Telos - https://www.telosgroup.org/donate--What does it mean to call a place “home,” to stay and heal it when it's broken and hurting? In this episode, South Louisiana native and interdisciplinary storyteller Monique Verdin shares with us what her home on the disappearing coast of the Louisiana bayou means to her, and the radical ways she’s working to protect it—its land, its people, and its stories.  Monique shed so much light on the interconnectedness of place, story and justice in our conversation. The way she's worked to protect her home as an indigenous woman, artist, and activist inspired us to “remain and reclaim” the places we call home too. Find more information about Monique’s work on her website - https://www.moniqueverdin.com/
Aug 31 2021
36 mins
The Check-in: How to avoid compassion fatigueThe Check-in: Afghanistan
On Sunday, the Taliban entered the capital of Afghanistan and began reestablishing its rule. We’re horrified and deeply grieved by the reports coming out of Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan. This week, we discuss our reactions, and we ask: what do we do when everything feels out of control and overwhelming?*Join us Fri, Aug 20th for a webinar on AfghanistanRead/share the Principles and Practices of PeacemakingSubscribe to the Telos Newsletter for more analysis and resourcesFollow Telos on InstagramIf you’re enjoying the podcast, become a monthly donor!--Resources*A comprehensive document with resources to aid in advocacy, organizations to donate to, and relocation and legal aid infoTragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) offers resources for anyone grieving the loss of a member of the militaryHope for the Warriors offers services to benefit veterans and their families, including mental health services and funding to cover related treatment expensesWays to LearnA collated Instagram list of helpful posts and accounts to follow@omar.haidari - Afghan student and human rights activist currently in Germany)@afghansempowered - Resources for community empowerment@khyberkhaan - Kabul-based filmmaker offering daily updates@yaldahakim - Afghan journalist reporting for the BBC@everydayafg - Community of photographers telling stories of and by AfghansMiddle East Institute webinar on Afghanistan and the implications of the Taliban takeover - Monday, Aug 23.Ways to GiveA long list of organizations providing aid, relief, and legal support to AfghansEnabled Children Initiative supports children living with disabilities in Afghanistan and provides emergency relief for displaced Afghans, especially childrenAfghan Aid is a UK based organization providing emergency aid to over 1 million vulnerable people across Afghanistan Mina’s List advances women’s leadership and participation globally with special attention to Afghanistan. Ways to VolunteerWorld Relief is a global aid and refugee resettlement agency. See their website for opportunities to volunteer, guidance on advocacy, and a place to giveLutheran Immigration and Refugee Services is a refugee resettlement agency in the US and is seeking volunteer help in Seattle/Tacoma, Houston, Fort Worth, and the DMV
Aug 19 2021
45 mins
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