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Nov 12 2021 • 55 mins

Episode 88: Female Fridays with Dr. Rena Eleazar, DPT

Hey everyone! Thank you for joining me for another Female Friday! I am with Dr. Rena Eleazar, who I have sadly never met in person but totally feel like I know through Instagram. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and also is a strength and conditioning coach.

Dr. Rena Eleazar is based out of New York City and has been in business for 4 years. She focused on athletic rehab and working on their performance and getting them back into their sport. Finding a niche in ultimate frisbee (who would have thought?!) She has found a great way to help these athletes and others get back to the sport.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Who Dr. Eleazar is, her business, and who she serves
  • Her journey into entrepreneurship and owning her own practice
  • How Crossfit kickstarted her physical therapy career
  • Where and how she sees and helps clients
  • Getting clients and building relationships
  • Common misconceptions people have of physical therapy
  • Working with the NBA G League
  • How Dr. Eleazar treats her personal clients
  • The pandemic and how it affected her practice
  • Physical therapists and how they help with mental health
  • Strength coaches and “rules” they have set
  • How training changes and why fitness professionals need to stay on top of it
  • Dr. Eleazar’s most challenging parts of her business
  • What surprised Dr. Eleazar about owning a business

If you are looking to connect with Dr. Rena Eleazer, you can find her on Instagram @renaeleazarpt, email her at rena@matchfitperformance.com, or check out their website www.matchfitperformance.com.

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