Enhancing Ambiance: Creative Ways to Use Candles

The Flower Files: The Wildly Native Podcast

Apr 9 2024 • 19 mins

Ever wondered how the soft flicker of a candle could transform an event from simple to spectacular? That's exactly what we're unpacking today as we navigate through the enchanting world of candles in event planning. We delve into the allure of different candle types, from the regal taper candles that bring a room to life with their stately elegance, to the trendy floating candles that add a splash of charm to any setting. But it's not all about looks; there's an art to pairing the right candle with the right venue, especially with strict rules like those at Hazelwood in Pennsylvania, where open flames are a no-go. We'll guide you through these restrictions with ease and share the secret to making any event shine, even when the rules say "no open flames allowed."

Hold onto your wicks, because we're also sharing candid tales from the field, including a wedding where the candles went missing, and the frantic dash to keep the romance alight without the bride ever catching wind of the backstage drama. Beyond the warm glow and the drama, we're serious about sustainability, and you'll be inspired to hear how we give used candles new life in local classrooms, fueling creativity while keeping the planet in mind. Be sure to snag our free candle guide and follow us on social media for more glittering insights. Whether you're an event planner, a bride-to-be, or simply a candle enthusiast, this episode will help you set the mood perfectly, responsibly.

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