Whispers in the Petals: Tracing Valentine's Traditions from Roman Roots to Romantic Roses

The Flower Files: The Wildly Native Podcast

Feb 13 2024 • 38 mins

Discover the secret messages hidden within petals as Amber and I trace Valentine's Day back to its raucous Roman roots and reveal how the language of flowers whispered unspoken desires during the Victorian era. Roses may be the reigning monarchs of February 14th, but we debate whether their thorny embrace is truly the epitome of romance or just a masterstroke of marketing. Stroll with us through a garden of traditions, and find out why you might want to rethink your go-to bouquet.

Remember the heart-pounding drama of middle school Valentine's Day? We revisit those color-coded carnations and the teachers' valiant attempts to sprinkle love evenly across the classroom. But it's not all candy hearts and nostalgia; we're cracking the code on the heart shape's origins, sharing a heartbeat with history, and even inviting you to ponder the connection between a mother's heartbeat and her newborn. Amber and I are syncing our storytelling to the rhythm of romance, one beat at a time.

Now, let's fly alongside Cupid, that cherubic symbol of Valentine's mischief, and explore how he's pierced our cultural consciousness. From divine origins to today's emoji, we analyze his enduring appeal, and of course, no Valentine's discussion is complete without a taste of chocolate debate. Could these sweet treats be more than just confectionery indulgence? Listen to us spar over Cadbury vs. Hershey's and muse over the curious taste of holiday candies. As we wrap up, I'll share a personal musing on love's rollercoaster ride and extend a heartfelt wish for a delightful Pancake Day and a Valentine's Day filled with more than just fleeting affection.

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