A Wedding Recap: Annie and Al's Wedding on 04.05.24

The Flower Files: The Wildly Native Podcast

May 14 2024 • 25 mins

Wedding setups can whirl you through a storm of emotions faster than the unruly winds we braved on one unforgettable April day. Amber and I share a laughter-filled recount of a special day that tested our mettle, from the sweet victory of delivering squeal-worthy bouquets to the bridal party, to the elaborate dance with the elements as we adorned a pergola strong enough to withstand Mother Nature's mood swings. Our conversation wanders through the unexpected chill that nipped at our sun-kissed skin, and the challenges that come with creating an elegant vision with just a wisp of greenery, proving that beauty can indeed blossom amidst chaos.

Ever witness the steadfast stance of a cocktail table against the assault of the wind, or the unwavering resolve of a guest fluffing dresses with a broken finger? These are the tales that give color to our work at Cana Island Resort, where even flame fog effects and the battle against pesky flies become part of the day's fabric. As Amber and I chuckle over the quirks of our latest wedding adventure, we extend an invitation to you to join us for more behind-the-scenes stories from Wildly Needed Flower Farm. Get a glimpse of the meticulous care that goes unnoticed and the dedication that carries us through every gusty, eventful wedding setup.

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