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FT News Briefing

Financial Times

A rundown of the most important global business stories you need to know for the coming day, from the newsroom of the Financial Times. Available every weekday morning.

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Our Editor's Take

The FT News Briefing podcast provides a ten-minute synopsis of financial and political news each weekday morning. Marc Filippino, the host and producer, reviews essential stories and recent developments. He interviews Financial Times journalists about the most important story of the day.

The podcast started in October 2018. Filippino became host in April 2019. Financial Times is a news organization based in London with offices around the world. It has produced authoritative content since 1887. Filippino condenses stories into episodes short enough for a commute. Direct input from his colleagues in the newsroom differentiates this news brief.

One episode of FT News Briefing talks about the ongoing impact of the #MeToo movement. Half of 2022's forced CEO departures from US companies resulted from personal misconduct. BP's CEO Bernard Looney resigned after the discovery of his relationships with colleagues. The podcast investigates whether his departure will affect BP's transition to green energy. Another episode details the conclusion of the Writer's Guild of America strike. It also explores President Biden's decision to join the United Auto Workers strike. He became the first sitting president to join a picket line.

FT News Briefing reports on the US Federal Trade Commission's issues with Amazon. The FTC believes Amazon controls too much of the online market. Listeners learn what the FTC can do about it. The podcast also covers the 10,000 job cuts at Amazon and the future of e-commerce. Filippino reveals the Magic Kingdom's issues and Disney's 7,000 job cuts. The opposition from investor Nelson Peltz and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is also analyzed.

The podcast explores the World Health Organization's claim that China underreported COVID-19 deaths. It also follows developments in cryptocurrency that are causing investors' confidence to fluctuate. Filippino provides relevant updates on the stock market, oil prices, and Trump's indictment. Listeners who want to stay informed may find everything they need to know on FT News Briefing.

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