Married Couples - Making Great Marriages

Doug Brinley

This podcast discusses a number of reasons to have a great marriage if a couple expects to be together forever following a temple priesthood ordinance. Therefore, divorce is not part of the Lord's program for married couples unless there are serious elements in the marriage such as abusiveness, adultery, abandonment, perhaps financial disaster due to one spouse's extravagance, or other elements detrimental to the dignity, safety, or mental health of a spouse. However, it rarely is due to the actions of just one spouse. It usually takes two to make a great marriage and only one can ruin a relationship. Where there is repeated absence of kindness, a lack of positive communication or hurtful criticism of a spouse over time without repentance, and a host of other serious elements that can fracture one's soul. If we expect to live among other exalted couples in the celestial kingdom, we must acquire character traits and attributes that will make it comfortable for us to be among such couples. Our Heavenly Father put us in an environment here on the earth where good and evil exists, so that through our use of agency, we learn how to live a celestial life by making only those choices that prove that we want to live the kind of life that God lives and other exalted beings life. read less