Indeed’s 2024 US Jobs & Hiring Trends Report With Cory Stahle

RecruitingDaily Podcast with William Tincup

Dec 22 2023 • 30 mins

How does a company harness job market trends and use data to boost their recruitment process? Simply ask Cory Stahle, an expert from Indeed. In his discussion with William Tincup, Cory shares some fascinating trends and impactful findings from Indeed's 2024 U.S. Jobs and Hiring Trends Report.

As a well-versed economist, Cory starts off by shedding light on how Indeed handles data on an extensive scale. He shares the fact that their data collection process is high-frequency, comprehensive, and grounded in real-time, offering a more precise perspective on job postings than traditional government surveys. He also underscores the fact that Indeed provides its datasets to the public, enabling users to leverage this pool of information and spot patterns in recruitment trends.

Cory's analysis reflects a job market that is undergoing significant shifts as technology and economic trends unfold. His insights underscore the potential for data and AI to revolutionize recruitment - a testament to the power of digital advancement in the hiring space. So, if you're looking to gain a competitive edge in recruitment, perhaps it's time to start exploring the data at your fingertips.

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