The Myths Of Great Leaders Part 2 With Amy Leschke-Kahle of ADP

RecruitingDaily Podcast with William Tincup

Dec 23 2023 • 22 mins

Is leadership a mythical concept that only a few possess? In this episode of the RecruitingDaily Podcast, host William Tincup invites guest Amy Leschke-Kahle, Vice President of Talent Insights and Innovation at ADP, to shed light on the mythos surrounding great leaders and how to navigate the expectations placed upon them.

Amy is an expert in helping organizations rethink work and approach leadership differently. She shares her insights on the current expectations of leaders and whether they are realistic or not in these challenging times. Organizations have overloaded leaders with administrative tasks and coaching responsibilities, often overlooking their core competencies. Amy emphasizes the need for organizations to recognize the diverse strengths and passions of individuals, rather than forcing everyone to fit into a conventional leadership mold.

While addressing the topic of extraordinary leaders, Amy dispels the notion that there is a one-size-fits-all formula for greatness. Instead, she highlights the importance of embracing each leader's unique strengths and investing in their areas of affinity, creating a more authentic and impactful leadership style. From the power of frequent attention to team members to understanding the nuances of poor performance, their conversation is a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in cultivating successful leaders.

Join us as we explore the myths of great leaders and uncover a fresh perspective on leadership development.

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